News - 09/27/2021 Changelog

09/27/2021 Changelog

Written at September 27, 2021, 07:00 pm

Written by Ankou

Greetings, everyone!

A quick bug fix update has been released, and notes are available below:


  • Orabus the Helmsman : Orabus and his crew will now properly land when the horn is used.
  • Sons of Hodir reputation correct, reduced to base reputation due to 2x rate for this quest.
  • Adjusted Ticking Bomb cooldown for Dragonslayer Strategists.
  • Fixed an issue on Garments of Darkness where priests couldn't use Lesser Heal and buff on the target.
  • Utgarde Pinnacle: Ymirjar Flesh Hunter abilities no longer cast Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot at the same time.
  • Utgarde Keep: Damage that healer receives when healing a target with [Woe Strike] will now have a 2 second internal cooldown.
  • Elite Hearthstone can now be obtained and used from any Innkeeper.
  • Last Line of Defense quest improvements:
  • Frostbrood Destroyer will no longer regenerate health at insane rates, and will not evade.
  • Frostbrood Destroyer will now cast [Freezing Breath] properly.
  • Argent Cannon has been lifted up a little bit to counter the issues where you can't hit creatures down below.


  • Elite Hearthstone spell has been fixed. For those who donated, or planning to - you must update your client with our new released patch. If you have used launcher before, you can update it through there. However, if you've applied manual patch, you have to do it again, otherwise it won't work for you.

The downtime should be minimal, and you can expect normal operation with in a minute or so.

I should mention again, that for everyone who donated - You have to update your patch files, otherwise Elite Hearthstone won't work.

Thank you, and enjoy!