News - New Rewards for End-Game Content

New Rewards for End-Game Content

Written at August 28, 2021, 04:03 pm

Written by Christopher

You can now earn valuable rewards through end-game content you enjoy!
By winning random battlegrounds, rated arenas and defeating current-tier raid bosses and world bosses will reward each player with a cache, containing additional gold and possibly some highly sought-after items.
No one knows for certain what's on the drop table, and we hope to see your discoveries on our discord or the forums!

You may also put your team to the ultimate challenge and fight the Lich King and his forces without the aid of your faction.
In other words, without the 30% modifier. This achievement is only available in the Heroic Mode difficulty on both 10-Player and 25-Player.

In random battlegrounds, you will be ranked according to the number of total victories, not honor or killing blows. Upon reaching a specific rank, you will be rewarded with the according title. Example, Field Marshal or Warlord after a 500 victory count. Reaching the rank of Marshal or General grants you access to the quartermaster, containing Wrathful Gladiator gear that can be purchased with honor, instead of arena points. Gear from the arena vendors has been unchanged. However, you may now purchase gladiator mounts immediately upon reaching a specific rating. The current season mount will only be available during that specific season, requiring 2200 rating to purchase.
Some gladiator mounts will be available during every season. For example, Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm.
New arena season titles and mounts are included, beginning after the our first season: Wrathful. Criteria for seasonal arena titles have been changed and finalized.
You can view a more detailed post on the arena seasons channel in our Discord!

Have fun!