[Tutorial] How to join our server

Ankou Game Master 56 posts
Posted 2 years ago Edited

Greetings to everyone who's new here or in the world of warcraft!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to connect to one of our realms. If you don't have a game, not to worry.
You can download the game from anywhere you want, as long as it's World of Warcraft WotLK 3.3.5/3.3.5a (12340/12345).
We also provide links for download: Click here

Once you finish the game download, or already have a copy of World of Warcraft:

Step 1: Download our patch from this link : Click here

Step 2: Open patch archive with WinRar or any other ZIP program, and extract contents to the game directory like shown below:

Technology Connections
Step 3: Launch WoW.exe, and log in into game!

Technology Connections

Do not use your email on login screen, you must use your Account Username in order to log in into screen.

If you have issues with connecting to our server, please make sure that your realmlist.wtf is updated.

You can find realmlist.wtf in C:\YourGameDirectory\Data\enUS\realmlist.wtf :

Technology Connections

If you have issue where you can't save realmlist.wtf file, please make sure that Read-Only is unselected in realmlist.wtf properties:

Vlainhaw Newbie 1 posts
Posted 2 years ago

I follow all steps correctly but cant connect for some reason

Durin Newbie 1 posts
Posted 8 months ago

Yeah same here! Whats wrong?

Jimmywahh Newbie 1 posts
Posted 7 months ago

Doesn't work


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