29th of December 2021 Changelog

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  • Emblems of Frost has been removed from the game. Sources of emblems have been replaced with gold, and you may exchange Emblems of Frost for gold at the Miscellaneous Quartermasters in Dalaran City.
  • A wide range of item-level 264 items from Icecrown Citadel and Tier-10 Sets (251) are now purchasable with gold rather than Emblems of Frost, as part of the accessible gear update. Speak to the guards if you can't find the one you're looking for!
  • Engineering: Saronite Bombs will now require skill level (1), down from (350) and can be purchased via Engineering Supply vendor.
  • Profession combat bonuses costs have been increased to 250 gold, up from 8 gold.
  • Gold rewarded for completing quests has been doubled for all character levels, rather than just max-level characters.
  • Druids: Primal Fury will now correctly add an additional combo point on every initial critical hit.
  • Misc: Mauradon's portal will now be clickable, with the correct faction set in.
  • Quest Free Your Mind: Fixed an issue that causes Vile to ignore his death mechanic.
  • Quest: It's All Funs and Games corrections.
  • Quest: The Cleansing corrections.

Icecrown Citadel:

  • Gunship Battle: On Heroic Difficulty, the battle-mage destroys the cannons and joins the fight. This is the only battle-mage that will spawn, and has an increased health pool.
  • Gunship Battle: Muradin or Saurfang must be defeated to bring the enemy ship down, as cannons are taken out of the fight on Heroic Difficulty.
  • Gunship Battle: Fixed an issue that caused the enemy ship's leader to not stack their damage increasing ability.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang: Increased Blood Power generated by 100% on Heroic Difficulty.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang: Blood Beast's health pool has been increased by 50%,  melee damage has been increased by 200% on Heroic Difficulty.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang: Blood Beasts will delay their attack for slightly longer before engaging.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang: Blood Beast's movement speed has been reduced slightly. They are still susceptible to snare effects.
  • Professor Putricide: Gas Cloud and Volatile Ooze will no longer chase the same target at once during the intermission phase on Heroic Difficulty.
  • Professor Putricide: Players will now be forced out of the Mutated Abomination if they're the last target remaining.
  • Professor Putricide will no longer sprint to his lab table for the intermission phase, running at normal speed instead.
  • Sindragosa: Phase 3: Ice Tomb will occur after the first and third Blistering Cold, rather than just before. Repeating the same pattern. The only change here is the order of the overlap. While it's not an actual bug, we've figured this would be a more realistic chain of events.
  • Sindragosa: On Heroic Difficulty, Sindragosa's Frost Bombs during the air phase fire much more rapidly.
  • The Lich King: Fury of Frostmourne will now correctly kill players regardless of any immunities.
  • The Lich King: Raging Spirits will delay their attack for slightly longer before engaging.

The changes listed above will be applied at Wednesday 17:00 ST.
Estimated downtime: Less than a minute.

Big thanks to everyone who've reported these bugs!

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